Würzburg Refugee Council (WüFR)

What we stand for

  • protection of the interests of refugees* in Würzburg.
  • guarantee of fair treatment ensuring the dignity of humans/ individuals forced to flee from their homes and now seeking protection in Germany, during their stay in Würzburg.

Main criteria for fair and dignified treatment are, in our opinion, as follows:

  • promotion of equality and of equitable participation in society
  • promotion of self-determination and empowerment
  • access to quality health care
  • access to education
  • access to housing
  • access to employment

Should we become aware that these criteria are not being met, or only partly fulfilled, we will draw attention to that state of affairs and promote adequate solutions.

What we do

  • In order to protect and uphold the rights of refugees, we closely observe the activities of political parties, local communities, organisations, associations and other bodies in their dealings with refugees in Würzburg.
  • Should failings and shortcomings come to our attention we will address them and speak out for refugees in Würzburg and advocate on their behalf.
  • In addition, we will find and formulate approaches to solving the problems which arise, and work with the relevant authorities and bodies to implement such solutions.
  • Furthermore we aim to raise the awareness of the wider public about issues affecting refugees by means of various activities and information campaigns.

What we do not do

We do not provide advice on individual cases, housing services,  employment offers or financial support.


*the term refugee is used here to include asylum seekers, failed asylum seekers granted temporary  stay, persons without documentation